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The Birchbark House

Love Medicine
by Louis Erdrich


YAL Presenter Unit 2006/2007

Subjects: English
Grade Level: 6th, 7th, 8th
Posted: 2006
Unit Created by: Polly Mills and Germania Solórzano

What makes this a good YAL choice...

The Birchbark House and Love Medicine are good YAL books because they invite inquiry into the roles of culture, language, and voice, especially when they are threatened by the dominant paradigm. Love Medicine can be used in a high school classroom, while The Birchbark House is appropriate for younger readers. Both books present opportunities for classrooms to explore storytelling as a means of identifying and preserving cultural values, historical events, and ways of life. — Polly Mills


YAL Conference Workshop Description & Documents
Getting to Know Me: Permission for Voice,
Content, and Culture through Story

Polly Mills and Germania Solórzano, Presenters

In Louise Erdrich's novels, The Birchbark House, Love Medicine, and other fictional works, she unravels the wonderfully complex story of her Ojibewe Native American community and their celebration and rigorous preservation of a culture, language, and voice against centuries of genocide. In the unraveling, our eyes are opened to a world view that would have been wasted, a language silenced, a way of life forgotten, and a wisdom lost. What worlds, voices, and wisdom might we discover in one another and in our students, given permission to tell our stories? What are the connections between permission and learning? — Workshop Description for YAL 2006


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