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Breaking Through

by Francisco Jiménez


YAL Presenter Unit 2009/2010

Subjects: English
Grade Level: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Posted: 2009
Unit Created by: Juanita Wilder, Laura Crotte, and Eduardo Salas


This book was presented at YAL & has a teacher created

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YAL Conference Workshop Description
Breaking Through/Senderos fronterizos: Using Arts Integration to Explore Personal Narrative
Juanita Wilder, Laura Crotte, and Eduardo Salas, Presenters

In this sequel to the acclaimed novel The Circuit, Francisco Jimenez recounts his life from eighth grade to high school graduation. Panchito's determination to pursue his college dreams in spite of crushing poverty, blatant prejudice, and family tensions is simply and movingly told. This interactive workshop will use multiple arts integration techniques, from drama to visual arts, to explore the life conditions of the characters, issues of undocumented students, and the monologue-style narrative of a young man coming of age. — Workshop Description for YAL 2009