YAL - Young Adult Literature Presenter Unit 2013/2014



Highlighted Strategy

There are two highlighted strategies in this unit.

The first strategy Save the Last Word for Me is a popular classroom activity for engaging students in careful reading and rereading to more fully comprehend a text and share ideas in structured small groups.

The second is actually a set of strategies based on Hot Seat Variations which are drama strategies developed by Jeffrey Wilhelm that lead students to deep engagement with characters in fiction or nonfiction.

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Learn more about these and other strategies that align with the Common Core Standards that were demonstrated in YAL Conference units.

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Code Name Verity
by Elizabeth Wein


YAL Presenter Unit 2013/2014

Subjects: English
Grade Level: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Posted: 2014, CCSS, Common Core State Standards
Unit Created by: Mary Massie

What makes this a good YAL choice...

Code Name Verity has received critical acclaim, winning the 2013 Michael L. Prinz Honor Book, 2013 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Young Adult Novel, and the 2013 Golden Kite Honor. Those honors caught my attention and led me to read it as a possibility for the 2013 YAL Conference. I found it to be a meticulously researched example of historical fiction with the potential to capture a young person’s interest through its thrilling plot and appealing characters. It was written for young adults, but meets the CCSS demands for complex text. In fact, the New York Times praised it as “a fiendishly plotted mind game of a novel, the kind you have to read twice.” I fell in love with the characters and could not stop thinking about the story, long after finishing my first reading of the book. I was even inspired to start reading World War II nonfiction books about espionage, a new area of interest for me. With all that going for it, Code Name Verity became my top choice for the 2013 YAL Conference. — Mary Massie


YAL Conference Workshop Description
Interwoven Truth and Fiction in Code Name Verity
Mary Massie, Presenter

This extraordinary novel brings rarely explored aspects of World War II to vivid life through finely detailed characters and wicked plot twists. It reveals the courage and resilience of two young women who face harrowing choices with uncommon grace and humor. We will explore how well-researched, beautifully crafted historical fiction can bring events of history to life in students' imaginations. Once student interest is ignited, a teacher can guide students toward understanding primary sources and nonfiction accounts of events that might otherwise seem unimaginable. We will also consider how the author's craft in this thriller draws the reader irresistibly into the story world and the characters' points of view. Common Core standards for reading literature and history are addressed through activities that will keep students engaged and thinking critically. — Workshop Description for YAL 2013


Presentation — Power Point