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YAL - Young Adult Literature Presenter Unit 2009/2010


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by Julie Anne Peters


YAL Presenter Unit 2009/2010

Subjects: English
Grade Level: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Posted: 2009
Unit Created by: Hector A. Uriostegui and Michael Villarreal


YAL Conference Workshop Description
An Inner Secret: A Transgender Experience (Luna)
Hector A. Uriostegui and Michael Villarreal, Presenters

Luna, by Julie Anne Peters, may be the first young adult novel to really deal with transgender issues, and as such, it offers an important opportunity for new dialogue and discussion in your classroom. Teachers will discuss implementing Luna, along with a variety of companion resources which can be easily integrated into future learning projects. Participants will learn the importance of gender identity and cultural sensitivity through and around young adult literature, and have the opportunity to hear the real life experiences of a transgendered person. — Workshop Description for YAL 2009