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  Magic Moments

by Olga Loya


YAL Presenter Unit 2005/2006

Subjects: Language Arts, Social Science, Art
Grade Level: 6th, 7th, 8th
Posted: March 2006 (Pre CCSS)

Unit Created by: Polly Mills and Germania Solórzano

What makes this a YAL choice...

Momentos Magicos/Magic Moments is a good YAL book because it collects short stories (mostly folktales) from Latin America in both Spanish and English, inviting classrooms to explore the stories from their own cultures, places, and languages. The book presents opportunities for students and teachers to explore the folktale as a rhetorical form, explore the stories that can emerge through improvisational approaches, read folktales from around the world, and consider primary sources of traditional and contemporary story and culture, which may include rap, spoken-word poetry, African drumming, blogs, chat rooms, anthropologist’s videos, ‘zines, journals, artifacts, field notes, graffiti, the archives of oral history projects, overheard conversations in public places, radio talk shows, soap operas, underground stories, story as resistance, story as propaganda, jokes, songs, reportage, chapbooks, and street sheets. - Polly Mills

YAL Conference Workshop Description & Documents

These Ain’t Your Grandma’s Folktales
Polly Mills and Germania Solórzano, Presenters

Need a little magic in your life? Momentos Magicos/Magic Moments is a bilingual collection of fifteen traditional tales from Latin America. The magic starts with these scary stories, tricksters, myths and strong women. As you respond to and further explore these deceptively simple stories, you will gain the power to make your own storytelling magic by writing a mini-folktale. In a folktale, anything can happen. Be open to the possibilities of improvisation, storytelling, writing, and new tales you've never heard before. Bring back activities, resources, bibliographies and new stories you can use to lead your students through their own magical folktale experiences. - Workshop Description for YAL 2005


Unit Cover Sheet


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