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Sunrise Over Fallujah

by Walter Dean Myers


YAL Presenter Unit 2009/2010

Subjects: English
Grade Level: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Posted: 2009
Unit Created by: April D. Nauman and Durene I. Wheeler


This book was presented at YAL & has a teacher created

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YAL Conference Workshop Description
Questions of War: Connecting Students to Critical Issues through Sunrise Over Fallujah
April D. Nauman and Durene I. Wheeler,, Presenter

Walter Dean Myers’ Sunrise Over Fallujah, the story of a young African-American serviceman sent to Iraq, raises many questions relevant to the lives of CPS students. The novel can be used as a springboard into a variety of areas of study, including other U.S. wars, how war is depicted in books and movies, and other books by Myers. In our talk, we will give an overview of these possibilities, then explore two in-depth: (1) military recruitment of minorities in the U.S. and (2) why so many U.S. servicemen and women then find themselves sent to the Middle East. In addition, we will present reading strategies adapted especially for the savvy YAL Conference attendee. — Workshop Description for YAL 2009