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  We Rode the Orphan Trains

by Andrea Warren

with Worth
by A. LaFaye


Subjects: Language Arts, Fine Art s, Social Science, Social Emotional Learning
Grade Level: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
Posted: March 2007 (Pre CCSS)





Unit Plan


Where Have All the Children Gone? Power Point


Handout - Includes links to web sites about orphan trains




Where Have All the Children Gone
Beverly Rowls and Eduardo Salas, presenters

While our history books tell us of the influx of immigrants from Europe during the 19th Century, they fail to tell us of the plight of some of those new immigrants once they arrived in the United States and left Ellis Island for New York City. With so many new people, the job market could not sustain the overload. Families were split with children suffering the most. Many children were placed in orphanages while others roamed the streets, homeless, hungry, alone and desperate to survive. Beginning in 1853 and lasting for 75 years, over 150,000 of these children were placed on orphan trains and sent to new homes in the farmlands of the west. By examining the biographies of real people and comparing their histories with characters in historical fiction, this workshop will explore the many ways the stories of children who rode the Orphan Trains were told.